Project Alert: Let's build the homepage of my company's website.

We are getting right to business. You will build the homepage of a website for a fake company I created. The timeline is 3 days. Are you ready?


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As I said in the headline, we are starting project development. In one of my previous posts, the one found here, I highlighted the importance of practice. That's what this post is designed to help you do, practice.

Let's get straight to the point. I designed the UI for a fake website for the purpose of this project. Your job is to bring that UI to life with HTML and CSS.

You can find the project on FIGMA using this link.

That's the UI you will be building. I will be constantly updating it so if you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments.

The rules

  1. You are expected to have finished work on the project after exactly 3 days.

  2. Once you are through, you are to pitch your website to someone with a good sense of design. It could be your mentor, teacher, relative, etc

  3. You did a good job if you are able to convince your partner to buy the site.

  4. Absolutely No JavaScript or JavaScript Framework. That includes JQuery.

  5. CSS Frameworks are not allowed. This includes Bootstrap, Bulma, Materialize, etc.

  6. You are expected to play around with the resources given. Use your own company name, images, and videos.

  7. Feel free to change the UI a bit. You can change the colors, fonts, and box sizes.

  8. You are not permitted to remove components. Components associated with the UI may be tweaked, but never entirely removed. Feel free to add whatever components you like. Just don't remove any components.

  9. Lastly - Google, Stack Overflow, and even ChatGPT are completely allowed however you may never COPY ANOTHER'S CODE directly from GitHub if the user is participating in the Project.

That concludes the rules of this project. If you would like to share your work with our community, deploy it and comment (the link). You can also upload the code to GitHub and leave a screenshot of it on the live server as a README. Then comment (the link) to the project's GitHub.

I hope you have fun building this project and HAPPY CODING.