YouTube - The web developers best friend.


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As a full stack developer, I can't overstate the value YouTube has provided to me. In return for money or annoying ads YouTube has given me access to infinite programming languages, frameworks and solutions. Today I will share an experience - A time I needed to learn a new JavaScript framework, and was able to do so in less than a week using YouTube.

I recently got hired by a startup recently. Most of the details are confidential but I and a team of skilled developers were tasked with building a killer UI - with Angular. The problem is the only js frameworks I know are Vuejs and React. So I have to learn Angular or at least be decent enough in it in less than a week. Not an easy task but thank God for YouTube.

There are many YouTube channels that teach this particular framework. Even though the GOATS such as Traversy Media and programming with mosh have taken a shot at it, I decided to use a smaller YouTube channel - Laith Academy. His Nuxtjs video was really good and I enjoyed it so why not try out his Angular video.

I followed what he said very closely and practiced the examples he gave. As some of you may know Angular isn't necessarily hard, its just robust. Very, very broad. That's why Laith divided the framework into three videos. I'm still waiting for the other two but I can say that I know a sufficient amount of Angular (in theory) to work with the team.

I say in theory because it is easy to get lost in information hell when watching a YouTube video. The important thing is to make sure you practice what you have been taught. By practice I don't mean the examples given in the course. No, I mean pick a project and do it with the language or framework you are learning. That way you know that you know it. That's exactly what I am going to do.

In summary, I believe that YouTube is one of the most powerful tools a developer has. It gives him access to an infinite amount of information. This, if used properly makes him literally unstoppable. He can learn new technologies on the fly, for any company at any time. He becomes water which can be made to fit into anywhere and if he has a problem, there is always Stack Overflow.

That's all for this, hope you enjoyed.