5 great web development YT channels you probably haven’t heard of.


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Let's go over five web development YT channels that could reach a million in only a few years...

No doubt there are many great YT channels out there. Most of them probably aren't as good as the top 20 dev channels. There are some channels however that truly provide great content and yet have little recognition. I will go over just a fraction of these here.

Here are my top 5 favorite (small) YT web development channels:


1. Laith Academy

You can find the channel here

This is one channel that I am really proud I know. Laith Academy as a YouTube channel makes videos about a wide array of technologies. As an example of this, he has courses on - Nuxtjs, Docker, Strapi, Nestjs, Flutter, Django, Go. One of the many reasons I love this channel is the way it breaks down technologies to their barest minimum. If you have a technology you need to learn quickly you can be sure that this channel can teach it to you. Check it out, its really good.


2. Laravel Daily

You can find the channel here

As its name suggest, this channel tackles all things Laravel. The man behind the channel has been working with Laravel for over 5 years. Aside from offering byte sized Laravel solutions, the channel also offers advice to beginner/intermediate web developers. Videos like "how to price a client" or "how to become a senior developer quicker" make the channel valuable to all programmers.


3. Tyler Potts

You can find the channel here

The channel covers a variety of technologies from Vuejs to python. Personally, I am subscribed to this channel for its byte sized Vuejs solutions. The channel regularly builds small to medium scale applications using Vuejs. If you love Vuejs and want to continue to grow with it, you will appreciate a channel like this. Aside from Vuejs, the channel also has many lessons on several PHP frameworks. Any front or back end developer will find this channel useful.


4. Stefan Mischook

You can find the channel here

Probably my favorite among this entire list - this channel teaches nothing in particular. It instead focuses on mentor-ship and things of that sort. I cannot count how many times I have questioned a decision I made as a developer. Being able to consult with someone who has been coding years longer than you is very useful, that is the main reason I love this channel. Videos like "what lands you a developer job" and "should you learn 2 or 3 programming languages", highlight the reasons I love this channel. He picks relevant questions developers have and answers them. His answers have weight because we his audience knows he has years of experience backing every word. Follow this channel - period.


5. joshytheprogrammer

You can find the channel here

This channel is one run by me. I am coming up with content to post and my goal is to provide value to as many people as possible. I will focus mainly on JavaScript, PHP and Firebase - the front end as well as the back end. Looking forward to it.

That ends this write-up. See you in the next one.